Hold my hand
My body is longing
For touch
I watch you from afar
We walk together
Side by side
Into water that appears
Like diamonds were scattered
For us to search
My heart has been shattered
Torn and crushed
With feelings
That I cannot fix
Stitched back together
Your hand
Sends me a message
To hold it
I'm scared to give in
I feel it brush mine
Like an electric shock
I pull away
Hoping you haven't
Become aware
Of my hearts damage
That you still know
I have a desire
To try to break free
From these shackles
That hold me here
The sun starts to warm the air
My body gains it's nourishment
I stop
Before anything changes
Freezing time
Which is possible here
Because no one
Or anything is moving
Other than the galaxy
Watching us
This moment of time
Doesn't exist on earth
But does where we are
I look deep into what's real
​You are
Reaching with my hand
Our hands become closer
Feeling the invitation
Where we smile
​And the stitches disappear
Men Don't Cry

It's a cry of not just one
It's years; decades; a lifetime
Of a continuos
Emotional sword
That's ripped his
Mind; body; spirit
Into several pieces
Put back together by
His hand's mind
It's far from perfect
Holding his being
Together everyday
Until he can't balance his identity
Piled up it crashes down
Through his body
Absorbing a lifetime
Exploding at once
Every tear carrying a memory
Away for a moment
So short
He can't allow it to last long
He regains consciousness
Stands up determined
Washes his face with his aged hands
It never happened
Men don't cry
Dark Angel

Eyes torn apart from pain
Breath choking
Body trembling
It's okay stranger
My hand reaches to touch
Warmth comes between us
A charge from his body
Places my hand on his chest
Our friendship begins
From his silence
Surrounded by flowers
In a room of
White coats
I come down
After the effort of
God's soldiers
The time has come
For her
She still loves you
The memory is what you can have
Placing one arm
Under her neck
Another under her knees
I raise her up
Carrying her away from here
I look down
One last time at you
Two rings in your hand
Only one person to put them on
I cry for you
​But will see you soon



Dark Angel

Red Thoughts

Healing Hand

Cherished Life





Stop Searching

Absorbing Pain

Wake Up


My Love



Past Away

Smell The Roses

The Toast

Meet Myself


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My Love

I see you from afar
In my imagination
I created you
The perfect love
So beautiful
So gorgeous
Not only from
The outside
But from
The inside
You understand me
Believe in me
​Help me
I wish I could find you
I wake up
You're exactly
Where I left you
In my arms
​I love you


Dancing Clouds

Shattered Mind








Bad Choices

The Hug


Men Don't Cry

Answer My Prayer



Sleep Now

No Time



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